Our Mission


MICA helps families experiencing poverty meet their needs, build on their strengths, and achieve their goals.


MICA’s vision is resilient central Iowa communities where all people thrive.



MICA believes in the inherent worth of every person. We know that a person’s situation does not define their character. We incorporate trauma-informed practices that reframe our interactions and prioritize emotional and physical safety. We care deeply for each other and the families we serve.


MICA knows that systemic issues significantly contribute to the causes and conditions of poverty. We work to change the narrative on poverty, setting the stage for collaborative work and creating strong partnerships. We empower the families we serve to advocate for themselves.


MICA builds safe and supportive environments. We face hardships head on, moving beyond despair. We are thoughtful, set clear expectations, and ask for help when it’s needed. We understand we do our best work when we care for ourselves and each other.


MICA leads equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives in our communities, advocating for justice and racial healing. We value diverse voices and are committed to dismantling the structures, policies, and implicit biases underlying the profound inequality in our nation.


Ultimately, everything we do is in service to the families in our communities. We take a holistic approach that considers the needs of the whole family, connecting our services together to create better outcomes and grounding our work in data. We learn and lead, making smart innovations that result in the best possible services for families.